Mould is a very complex issue that needs professional remediation. Mould spores can cause serious long term health problems including asthma and breathing problems, sneezing, runny noses and a rash especially in children. Never try to deal with mould yourself.

Some companies may advertise that they can remove all of the mold from your house. Don’t believe them. Mold is everywhere in the form of spores, so true mold removal isn’t possible. Cleaning a patch of mold with a mix of water and bleach will get rid of the mold but not the spores. A simple, one-step cleaning procedure won’t solve the problem. If the place the mold was living in is still damp, it’ll keep growing back no matter how many times you clean it. Because you can’t completely eliminate mold, the key is to control its growth. You’ll want to keep the living conditions in your home clean and dry to stop the mold from growing. Spores will exist, but they’ll stay dormant. The right way to deal with mold is remediation and restoration.

The first step of remediation is mold inspection. Your home will be searched thoroughly for visible signs of mold. Experts will also take air samples to figure out what type of mold it is. They can do this because the airborne spores have been triggered to reproduce and aren’t dormant. The kind of mold will tell experts how they should go about ceasing the outbreak. The air sample will show what the spore count is, which can be an estimate for the level of contamination.

Now that you know the difference between mold removal and remediation, you can make an educated decision when choosing a mold service. Remember that true mold removal doesn’t exist. Mold remediation is the smart route when dealing with a mold outbreak in your home. The mold will be contained and properly cleaned. Measures will be taken that prevent the mold from coming back. Most importantly, the remediation service will address and fix what created the perfect home for fungi.

Mould remediation is one of the most crucial processes. It involves not only removing the active moulds but also removing all the moisture that causes them. The mould remediation includes anti-microbial treatments which would remove all the mould from your house.


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